Finding the right nanny agency for your family needs can be a difficult task in the best of situations. The difficulty increases when you are trying to find the right nanny agency for your toddler who is on the autistic spectrum. If you are trying to find the right nanny for your toddler and their needs, here are a few ways to narrow down the options. Though these are not all the methods you can use, they are the three that could help narrow down your search considerably.

Be Upfront with Issues

The first thing you need to do is be completely upfront with the issues your toddler is facing. In addition to being on the Autistic spectrum, your child may also have other issues as well. For example, they may have a speech delay that affects communication and understanding. They may have a sensory disorder that affects how they cope with different sounds or environments. They may also have a specific method that works for them and needs to be maintained in order to make it through the daily routine of the day. Make sure that you are up front with these issues as some nanny's may not be suited for the routine and development of your specific toddler.

Experience Beyond Education

When you ask about the experience a nanny has dealing with children on the spectrum, or other issues your toddler may be experiencing, you may find the experience is mostly academic. What this means is that the nanny may have had experience in a closely monitored setting, but has never gained experience outside of their studies. Make sure the experience they have is with children in a real life setting and on the job. You may not think this makes a difference, but it does play into how the nanny reacts when issues as they occur. If you are unsure of the experience they list, consider contacting their references to find out more about the specific situations the nanny faced on the job.

Have Video of Your Day

One way to narrow down your nanny search and find a nanny that is a good fit for your home is to have some video of your day. Show them what a meltdown with your toddler looks like. Show them video of how your toddler goes through their routine, how they cope with stress and how they handle different situations. The reaction of the potential nanny will give you insight into how they may handle a day in your life with your toddler. This can be a key point in narrowing down your search.

By moving through these three main points, you can narrow down not only the nanny agency, but you can find a nanny that will specifically fit your family and child care needs. Remember, specific experience does not always mean they are a good fit for your toddler. Make sure to interview the nanny directly as well to ensure their attitude and outlook on child care fits your viewpoints as well.